Tuesday, August 28, 2012


During his cancer journey, Chang has made many new friends as well as received the support of so many across the globe, both through this blog as well as through his daily life,  Some have written to him asking for information and advice. There have also been offers to help from readers in countries such as New Zealand and Hong Kong, to name a few. He has been touched by many, just as many people with loved ones or friends in similar situations have been touched by him.

On a daily basis, there is a beautiful lady who cooks and delivers to him delicious porridge. His friends from different faiths, ex-colleagues, Khadijah, Yeong and many more have been there for him. I am honoured to contribute but a small part. Names are not important at this stage. Chang is.

He has been having breathing difficulties. He is spending the night at the hospital and has received a pint of blood. As you already know from previous posts, he has low haemoglobin levels. Hopefully, he will be discharged tomorrow. 

Let us all dedicate our prayers and thoughts to him, that his suffering may be minimal. And that his mind remains strong and steadfast.

(Updated by Chang's friend)


  1. Dear Chang,

    I am wishing and praying for your freedom of mental an physical sufferings.

    May the peace be with you

    From Bee Tin

  2. Dear Chang's Friend,

    Thank you for keep us posted of Chang's condition.
    We are in constant prayer for Chang's Healing (Free from pain and Healing of his soul). Also Healing for his Family, Relatives and Friends.

    Life is like caterpillar, we have to undergo and turn into a cocoon inorder to transform into a beautiful butterfly.

    God bless...


  3. Thank you, Chang's friend, for updating us.

    There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, who are following your postings. Many like me try not to disturb Chang, and just silently following his progress, and many undoubtedly send prayers and healing vibrations (metta)for Chang.

    Whatever the outcome, we all wish Chang peace.

  4. thanks CF (Chang's Friend).. tell him a lot of people are praying for him

  5. Thanks for the update dear friend whoever u r. Have been praying for him...a suggestion, if u think there are any help needed consider posting it to see what anyone of us can do to help. I am sure many of us wants to help but not sure what best needs to be done. I am sure your help is one of the important one - keeping us posted.

  6. This is the least I can do for you, Chang. I had just done an internet banking transfer to you for a token amount.

    You are always in my mind, Chang. I hope you will be getting better soon.

    Gary Kang