Saturday, August 4, 2012

Getting Rough Ahead

I have been plagued with fatigue the last few days so much so I am sort of spent most of my time lying on the bed, immobilised. Although the hospital managed to drain about 3 liters of fluids from my abdominal area, my doctor has warned me that it will be refilled and I will have to come back for draining or tapping a few more times. Yesterday, I was so tired that I have very little strength, much like a diabetic patient suffering from lack of sugar. So, immediately I made myself a honey lemon drink and managed to get some energy back.

This morning I will be doing a follow-up with my doctor at Tung Shin Hospital and will request that she write a recommendation letter for me to do the tapping so that I can do the procedure at other hospitals. In view of the cost involved and the frequency that I need to do tapping, I am thinking of going to Government hospitals for the procedure. Subsequently, I also found out the Hospis Malaysia also provide such service. In my case, I think I need to do another tapping this coming Tuesday to relief the pressure of the fluids in my abdominal area.

I don't have the energy to write longer post now days, so what I will do is to write shorter updates. I like to thank Khadijah and Yeong for baking me a carrot cake and also making the very aromatic Gomito pasta. I had a very good dinner last nite.


  1. Dear Chang,

    You are blessed to have two very compassionate friends in Khadijah and Yeong. Wish I could meet them one day.

    Don't drain your energy in writing long posts, short updates are good enough for us to know how you are doing.

    Bravo to both Khadijah and Yeong.


  2. Dear Chang
    Praying for you. Just txt me if you need anything.

    From Bee