Friday, July 20, 2012

Grinding To a Halt

My plan to write a follow-up post for today in relation to Gary's comments will not materialise. It will have to wait for another day. I have been tweaking with my painkiller dosage for the past week and so far, whatever combination that I take that does not include oxycordone  just does not work very well. The pain is just too much to bear. So, I have decided that oxycordone will be part of my painkiller arsenal and I started taking 20mg every 12 hours for a start since yesterday.

Today, the pain has come down tremendously but I have to deal with one of the side effects. Nausea and vomiting. I have been vomiting for the whole day. After I brushed my teeth morning and took a cup of water this morning, less than 5 minutes later, I started to vomit. Of course, there is nothing but water to vomit. And for the past one week, I have been vomiting the first meal of the day. But for today, it was bad because I could not eat any solid food as it will surely trigger vomiting. So, I have to drink some Milo a bit at a time to gain back some energy because I really feel very weak. At the time of writing this post, I only managed to take in about three scoops of porridge for my lunch without triggering the vomiting. And if I am not careful, I will vomit whatever I have eaten for the day. The drug metroclopramide is not very helpful in preventing the vomiting. My gastroenterologist said this is the painkiller side effect and other than the anti-vomiting drug, there is nothing much else I can do. So now, I am eating very small portions throughout the day. I just hope to eat enough of calories to sustain my body for the day.

I have turned to my TCM practitioner for help to deal with the edema. She has prescribed some herbs that has been grinded into powdery form. She said the medication is toxic and should help to flush out the excess water in my body. So far the flush has not taken place but the medication did caused me to have stomach ache and irritation. I believe it's helping because my stomach does not feel so full. I will complete the first course of the medication tomorrow and hope to see some improvements.


  1. Dear Chang,

    Don't bother my previous comments. I really can't imagine what would I do if I am in your shoes. Hope the cancer cells in you would be kinder to you.

  2. Chang,

    how is TCM helping you?

    rgds, nkp

  3. Hi Chang,
    Are you taking morhphine as pain killer?


  4. Chang,

    Read in the Sunday Star today Dr Amir Farid Ishak's Art of Healing article about Bruno Groening's healing powers. Through The Circle of Friends, they are able to heal ppl with terminal and chronic diseases. U may want to google and find out more.

    Rgds, Kenneth.

  5. Oops. For further info, u can go to or Dr Amir will be having a talk about Bruno Groening on August 11 7 pm & August 12 11 am, PMCC International Sdn Bhd, Unit 17-3A, 3rd mile Square, 151 Jalan Klang Lama.


  6. Chang,

    Give it the last shot, go to what Kenneth suggested, you are a fighter, you will recover.


  7. Hi CT,

    I thought of you when I read the article on The Star !

    No harm checking it out !

    Best wishes,