Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Proud and Happy Moment For Me

Today, I will do a short post and write something positive and happy. I always wonder if I am able to see my daughter, Wai Yee graduate from college and the good news is that I will be able to see her graduate this September.

She could have taken any other course which will be so much easier for her (and my pocket) because she given full scholarship. But she wanted to do digital animation and due to her good results, a number of colleges has offered her partial scholarship in digital animation. But the best animation school in the country and one of the best in Asia (The One Academy) did not offer anything (tuition fees also 20% higher) and I decided to give her the best I could afford back in March 2009, a few months before I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Cancer or not, I will still finance her for this course. I also spent a fortune buying high powered IT hardware, DSLR digital camera and other supporting materials like art paper and few hundred different types of drawing pencils and pens. I think I made a right decision. Many of her classmates dropped out from the course. It's a three year course and because she have so much assignments to do, I think she only slept a few hours a day for the last three years. I have seen her work and I am impressed by the quality of the animation.

My eldest daughter has finally completed her six months final year project. Her group of three students will presenting their 30 minutes of a digital animated film which they co-wrote, designed, animated, produced and filmed. I was told nine companies in the industry will be present to see the class of 2012 presenting their project work. Unfortunately, I will be not able to go and watch the movie at the college, only my wife will be there to give her full support. Instead, I will be watching at home later.

Well, this is a proud moment for me as a father to see my daughter completing such a tough course. I wish some of the companies in the industry will take note of her group's project work and hope that she will find employment in a good animation company to begin her career. I wish her all the best in today's presentation and I am very proud of her.


  1. Hi Chang,
    A BIG congratulations to you and all in the family. I know how a father feels. It is also part of your therapy. You will get better after this because your mind is in a happy state.

    Maybe you can present her project in youtube and write an introduction in your blog here. Give your blog a breath of life (pun intended).

  2. Chang, I couldn't agree with Justin more abt how a father would feel on his children's achievement, Syabas indeed. Strong sense of achievement helps you too

    But before posting in YouTube, Chang, think abt the feelings of the other students, and the issue of plagiarism subsequently,and the 7 companies who might have been invited by the college becos of some arrangement, and also may be yr girl might hv pledged non-disclosure to the varsity etc, all in all, be happy in your mind first before pleasing others (in the YouTube)

    Take care, my friend,

    best regards fr NKP

  3. Hi CT,


    On another note you may want to take a look at papaya leaf (juiced or made into tea). There have been cases of it curing cancer. Should be easy to get where you live.

    Take care,

    17-yr cancer survivor

    1. On the papaya leaf, I did juice it for my younger brother who had dengue fever. ALthough he was at UH he was mainly on drips but the nurses and doctors finds it amazing that his blood platelets is still so high. He had high fever but still walking around as usual. He checked himself out of hospital after one night. We fed his the papaya leaf juice for 3 times a day about a cup each time for 3-4 days.

  4. A proud dad and the greatest feeling of all.


    Steven Ng

  5. Hi CT,

    Congratulations!!! It is magic and proud moment when your daughter receive her scroll. I am sure everyone in the family will feel the same.

    I wish you be strong in your endurance race against pain. Although I do not visit you that often, I like you to know I do follow your blog everyday.

    How Beng

  6. Hi CT,

    Congratulations ! Proud and Happy moment !

    One rainbow smiling at you amongst the dark clouds ... wish for a few more rainbows might break through.

    Best wishes,


  7. Thank you for sharing this good news here. You have every reason to be proud of your daugther's achievement.



  8. CT,
    I can hear some happy chirping now.

    Congratulation and be merry.


  9. Yes, its a proud moment as a mother I felt so proud when Swan received a scroll. It brought tears to my eyes not only I am proud of her but proud of myself. I look forward to another moment to see her receiving another scroll for her masters.
    Congrats Chang!