Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are We Forgetting Something?

The last three days or so, I have been rather tired. I though I write a short update in case some of you are wondering what happened to me. Plagued with the same old problems, I have been trying to understand these constipation-bloating-vomiting-edema problem of mine. How come, the medicines that I have taken have not been helpful? Is there another area of problem that I am forgetting to look at? My doctors are also puzzled. I also read that many medical websites have included cancer as one of the causes. But attributing it on the cancer won't help me.

Yesterday afternoon, I finally visited my dentist, something I should have done three months ago but I have been postponing. The reason being that he is too far away, the other part of town. Actually, the plain reason is I am just lazy. After exchanging greetings, he asked me how I was doing and I told him about my current problems. Anyway, I complained to my dentist about two teeth that needs filling. There is one that has been giving me the pain for a while now. He examined that tooth and said it is preferable that the tooth be extracted because it is damaged. I can also tell from the from the mirror as part of the tooth is already blacken. He said each of the tooth is connected to a different part of the organ of the body and in my case, this tooth could be sustaining the bloating problem. He cleaned the tooth and the did some filling but said to come back in six weeks time for an extraction. Meantime, he said my stomach bloating should improve as he removed quite a lot of bacteria before filling up the tooth. After completing the dental work, my dentist took me to see a chart about the tooth-organ connection.

The diagram you see on the left (taken from http://www.poschneider.com/) shows the connection between the different tooth and organs of the body. Whether I believe it or not OR whether is was my mind playing tricks on me, my stomach bloating has actually improved since my tooth filling! I am beginning to eat better since last night.

According to the Center for Natural Dentistry , "Unfortunately, holistic dentistry and looking into the mouth is typically the 'last resort' approach to treating chronic illnesses. We at the Center For Natural Dentistry will gladly help people achieve health, though we prefer people come to us first BEFORE problems or symptoms persist." Sometimes, we forget the amalgam cancer link.


  1. Dr Hulda Clark believed that metal in the mouth is the cause of pollution in the body which lead to places where bacteria, viruses and parasites can breed and lead to cancer.

    She believed cancer is directly related to the flactulopsis (misspelling) parasite. She believe in extracting all teeth that been filled. Also cleaning up the "tatoos"(basicly the residual of the leaking fillings) on the jaw bone under the tooth.

    Only now i know how important teeth are. My 4 yr old gets his teeth brushed 2 times a day.

    My sister had all her teeth done 3 years before getting cancer. She lived in a house where the cars are parked in an enclosed garage below the house with a stairwell connected directly to inside. They could smell petrol coming into the house if the door at the garage was not closed. They also had a cat which came into the house via a window in the kitchen.

    My theory is this. The teeth and the petrol fumes lead to body pollution. The cat brought into the house the viruses, bacteria and parasites into the kitchen. The food being prepared comes into the contact with these germs. These are taken into the body. The digestive tract can usually can keep this in check but at times digestive tract becomes broken down to let them into the body. This is the beginning and simple and does not explain everything. Get rid of the factors,Dr clarks believed it leads to recovery.

    Get dr clarks books. they are free on the internet. If you need a link, just let me know. Doing liver, kidney, digestive cleanses with simple herbs to remove the germs. i know you have read these books before and they give no reference to kidney cancer. Even though there are no references to kidney cancer, they should be looked into seriously.


    1. Clark Died of Cancer

      On September 3, 2009, Clark died of complications of multiple myeloma, a form of lymphoma in which plasma cells become overabundant in the bone marrow.
      Read here: http://www.quackwatch.com/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Cancer/clark.html

    2. Dr clark was experimenter. She would experiment on yourself. Very courageous and selfless unlike posters who do not identify themselves. I believe with no proof, that that was what she doing to herself, she fell foul in the search for the good of humanity.

      As for quackwatch, run by a person who has ties to medical powers that be (http://www.canlyme.com/quackwatch.html) and accuracy issues . Let alone the backstop for the drug industry. Want to know more about quackwatch just google.