Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Circle Game

Things has been on the down side for me for the last one month or ever since I started the new pain management regime. I just came back from the hospital again. Yes, besides my own home, I think the hospitals and clinics have been my most frequent places of visit. I had a consultation with a Gastroenterologist to diagnose my current gastrointestinal problems. The final analysis as this gastroenterologist put it down to is the side effects of the oxycodone hydrochloride painkillers that I am taking. It's not a mechanical problem like a blockage. My doctor says there are two options to go about it. Option one is to continue with the oxycodone painkillers that I am currently taking. To manage the side effects, he will put me on Ondansetron Hydrochloride (Zofran), a strong drug used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by surgery or cancer medicines. However, he warned me that besides being expensive, this drug also has side effects and his own experience with this drug is not good and would not recommend it. The second option is to go back to my old pain management regime of Ultracet since my problem only started when I changed the painkillers. 

As you can see, I have been going round in circles. This constipation-bloating-nausea-vomiting is giving me a lot of problems. I can't even eat decently because every time I do, I would vomit almost immediately afterwards. Although I have metoclophamide drug to manage the vomiting, it has not been very effective. As a result, I am continuing to lose weight. I have been thinking for a while now, whether I should abandon my new pain management regime? After trying the new pain management regimen for almost a month now and with all the problems I am experiencing, I think it's time to do a rollback to the point before all these problems started.

After consulting so many specialist doctors and receiving so many recommendations, this is what I will do. To cease taking opioid based painkillers like onxcodone as the background painkiller. Revert back to Ultracet (tramadol and paracetamol), one tablet every 6 hourly or 4 tablets a day. My doctors said I can increase the dosage up to 8 tablets a day. I will monitor my pain level from there and keep some oxycodone immediate release for breakthrough pain.

I would like to thank Yeong and Khadijah for presenting me a book called The Pain Chronicles by Melanie Thernstorm. As I understand, it's not a mere self help manual on pain management but a elegantly compiled treatise.


  1. Chang,
    Have you consider taking Prosure/Ensure as food supplement since you don't eat well? I can get you some supply if you want.

  2. Prosure/Ensure is easily available in any pharmacy but it contains sugar...

  3. I had follow your blogspot since a few months. I dignosed with nose cancer in 2009. Spread to lung in 2011 and live last two months. Started to have pain in my lower lungs nearby liver since Feb 2012.
    I am using Celebrex 200mg, Avadol 500mg, Ultracet and Neurontin 300mg 3 times per day and it helpful.
    Now, i am using Celebrex 200mg, ultracet and Neurontin 300mg. 2 times per day.I do use Acustop in my pain area expiacially during night time.

    Take 1 capsule of zeffix every day. Take Motilium and Controlux 2 times pe r day in order to have good appetite. Take Xanax 0.25 per day to be positive and forgot about "C" everyday.

    Hope my suggestion can be helpful to you.

  4. Soli, spread to liver in 2011 and liver in Feb 2012.

  5. Soli, spread to lung in 2011 and liver in Feb 2012.
    Is there any problem with my PC, why what i written suddenly have been changed?

  6. stumbled upon your blog by accident. read through some of your past posts. am amazed!

    do not know if u still eat cooked food. please read up on why we should go 100% raw.

    live food gives live,
    dead food takes live

  7. Hi
    Can tell me where to buy castor oil in JB?


    1. You should be able to buy it at any good health shop.

      Alternatively, you can buy it at Nature Glory's at Tiong Baru, Singapore.