Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mind Is The Chief

I have just received a reply from my doctor in New York that I can continue to take the cyclophosphamide (CTX) drug. I feel that there have been improvements, especially the nerve pain that I experienced on my legs and also when I cough is no longer there. I can also walk much better and with less pain now. However, he reminded me that CTX drug should not be the mono-therapy. For the last five months since I have decided to search for additional therapies to complement Gerson Therapy, I am at a loss as to which therapy I should take. When you are lost, where do you begin? I have been thinking over these many moons ago but I still don't have the answer. Along the way, I started taking CTX and was thinking of going to Germany to do the hyperthermia therapy (HT) as well in early May 2012. The HT in Germany is actually very good according to feedback from two patients that I met personally. However, HT is not a single session therapy meaning a patient has to undergo HT many times to get the benefits. Costs becomes an issue here because it's not cheap per session especially for my case. So I have decided not to take up HT and after many nights of thinking and further reading, I have decided to take up IV vitamin C (IVVC) therapy. Have what I done to date sufficient? I wanted to do the Interleukin-2 therapy but it is not available locally.

And know what, I have never felt better since taking the IVVC therapy and my doctor suggested that I increase the frequency to three times a week or 135g of vitamin C a week. I will think about it because this therapy is also not that cheap. Today, my doctor told me two contrasting stories. The first was a breast cancer patient who is now warded in palliative care. What this means is that the patient is just waiting for the time. So the patient's husband pleaded to the hospital doctors to allow the patient to take IVVC treatment as a last resort and it was granted. The patient was given 90g of IVVC daily and after two weeks, her lungs began to clear and she was also to move and wanted to walk. Her doctors were puzzled as to her improvement and do no know what write on the patient's report. Luckily the doctors have agreed to allow the patient to continue. In another story, this cancer patient suffered a form of skin cancer and one of her hand was severely swollen with pus and  deformed by the tumors. She came to do IVVC and ask my doctor whether the therapy would help her hand return to normal. My doctor said unlikely and you can see the dejection on the patient's face. The IVVC therapy was to help to strengthen the patient so that she can travel to Germany for HT. And she further said when she cannot do chemo, she will die. Since her body is very weak, no chemo was given by her conventional doctor. Last week she died. Be careful of what you wish for.

At this juncture, I like to digress a little bit. I have three little stories to tell. I was told by a Christian patient that he was cured of his cancer when he prayed to Jesus Christ. Then my contractor, after finding out I had cancer, told me that his father and his uncle was cured of cancer after they prayed to this deity at a certain temple (a Taoist practice). Finally I read in a medical journal that a doctor told the cancer patient that the drug he was taking was the most powerful cancer drug when actually it was just a placebo. The patient also did not die. I leave you to interpret these three little stories. For me, the state of the mind is very important.


  1. in my opinion from research it have read, you need to get get upto 150gms per session. I'm not sure what type of asorbate you are taking but calcium asorbate is cheap. it is ph neutral. Easy to make up ready for IV. You can buy it 100gms for $10AUS. Once you know how to set up an IV yourself, you won't need a doctor. Look up doctoryourself.com to find how to do it yourself. Vit C will kill that changing virus/fungus cancer.

    HT is about killing the virus/fungus cancer. Any therapy that is anti-fungal is the right direction. Eg all the above plus magentic pulsing, zapping, collidual silver, omega 3 fat acid to revent the "cancer" getting into your cells.

    Good post today.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for the information.

      I have read up further on your suggestion and found something quite interesting that I thought I will write about it in my next post.

  2. hi Chang,

    your Mind, your intelligence is a gift from God. Do you ever wonder if there was grand designer of the human anatomy? the complex interaction between the messages in your brain and to your immnune system?

    As i've said in my previous post. God is at work in your life whether you like it or not, whether you acknowledge that or not, it does not change the fact that God works in us and through us in many ways. He also meets us halfway, such that a cure for you are all these combinations of different therapies, for some is probably pure faith (as in faith healing), perhaps for my mother is a combination of therapies she is taking, her strong will to live (not just for herself but for others too)....and now hopefully because of her personal relationship with God.

    Its fine to believe in therapies, but not to make it your religion. When God meet us half way, if you do things that are aligned with Biblical principles (for example natural healing), for purely physical reasons (such as healing from Cancer), you will enjoy the physical benefits (though you wont enjoy the spiritual benefits).

    Max Gerson is a Jew, his healing methods is aligned with Thorah or the levitical diet (old testament), so he and his patients reaped the physical benefits of aligning with Biblical principles.


  3. One more thing, if Mind is the Chief, then how would the mentally ill recover from their health issues? if because of the drugs one is taking causes them to be mentally dysfunctional, would the immune system stop too? If yes, then how can then be the Mind be the Chief.. perhaps yes, but when the Chief fails, probably a higher being takes over, dont you think?

  4. Dear Lanie,

    I was trying to pass a subtle message that in healing, don't make matter so complicated by bringing in religion. Atheist, Buddhist, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and whatever other religion one professes also get cured of cancer. I am not saying religion is not important. To me, it's a personal choice and I leave it to the individual patient how to bring it into his therapy. Does it help a Christian patient when I say to him "I got cured of cancer because I did IV Vitamin C therapy AND I also prayed to Buddha everyday?" OR "I got cured of cancer because I did IV Vitamin C therapy." When the researchers conduct the cancer cures in labs on mice, they made no distinction if the mice were of certain religion or not. Cancer cure does not discriminate only humans do.

    I would like to borrow a few lines from His Excellency, The Dalai Lama:

    "I am not interested, my friend, about your religion or if you are religious or not.

    What really is important to me is your behavior in front of your peers, family, work, community, and in front of the world.

    Remember, the universe is the echo of our actions and our thoughts.

    The law of action and reaction is not exclusively for physics. It is also of human relations. 
If I act with goodness, I will receive goodness. 
If I act with evil, I will get evil.

    What our grandparents told us is the pure truth. You will always have what you desire for others. Being happy is not a matter of destiny. It is a matter of options.

    Take care of your Thoughts because they become Words.
    Take care of your Words because they will become Actions.
    Take care of your Actions because they will become Habits.
    Take care of your Habits because they will form your Character.
    Take care of your Character because it will form your Destiny,
    and your Destiny will be your Life
    … and …
    There is no religion higher than the Truth."

    As far as I know, two religions has been fighting each other for the past two thousand over years. Have not enough lives been lost and bloodshed?

    Before the arrival of Christianity, the Hindus and the Chinese have been healing with traditional medicine for thousand of years.

    If you want to know more about the mind, I would suggest that you read the Buddhist scripture, The Abhidharma.

    I will not reply to any future comments about religion anymore.

  5. quote ct chang:

    "I got cured of cancer because I did IV Vitamin C therapy AND I also prayed to Buddha everyday?" OR "I got cured of cancer because I did IV Vitamin C therapy

    my reply:
    what am trying to point out here is that you would benefit physically from all protocols if it is aligned with the Biblical perspectice (wwhether you know it or not).... however I do think that Vitamin C therapy is not aligned with the Bible.. and I have not seen anyone healing from Cancer because of that therapy.

    However, I do know some NON-CHRISTIANS who are into healing methods that are aligned with the Bible (though they do not know it).... and indeed were healed.. they reaped the physical benefits though am not really sure wwhether they reaped the spiritual benefits.

    again Christianity is not a religion.. its just a term used to pertain to people who have a personal relationship with God/Jesus..

    when one is doing rituals for the saking of doing it (e.g. praying/chanting non-stop,, without even conversing to anyone.. but just talking non-stop)-- then that is religion..

    a prayer should be a real conversation.. a conversation you make with a true God.. not some human put into a pedestal...