Saturday, June 9, 2012

More Than Believing

I thought I do a follow-up discussion after reading the comments of Kok Piew and Gary, both friends of mine who wrote on my last post "I Wish I Knew".

I will start off the discussion with a generalisation, "Every cancer patient will only take the treatment (whether conventional or alternative) that he or she believes will cure or improve his or her condition". And if you look at the statistics, most cancer patients died than getting cured. Hence, I think the "believing" alone in a treatment will work by the patient is not good enough. It's also necessary not only know how the treatment works but what type of cancers the treatment works on. This I believe, you can then chose a more effective treatment and better your chances of survival. It's also a known fact that a majority (95%) of cancer patients will select conventional treatment. Those who selected alternative treatment are normally made up of two groups of people. The first group are those who are trying alternative after conventional treatment has failed. The second minority group are those that believes alternative treatment offers better chances of cure and hence did not do conventional treatment.

When I first started alternative treatment, I have the purist view that alternative treatment is to the exclusion of any conventional medications. I was naive then. My first 18 months on Gerson Therapy (GT) was relatively pain free and I did not even have to take a single painkiller during that time. However, when my cancer spread to the bones, I experienced a different level of pain. I soon found that I can only depend on conventional pain medication to help control the pain. Managing the pain is not just simply popping in painkillers. I also found out about breakthrough pain, that even after taking painkillers round the clock, additional random pain can still strike. I suffered such pain attack just two days ago and I only managed to get relief when I increase the intake of opioid painkillers.  As I began to read about more books, like The Gorter Model, Beyond The Magic Bullet - The Anti-cancer Cocktail and German Cancer Breakthrough and also learn firsthand about cancer treatments in Germany from patients, I realised that alternative cancer treatment is not just about using natural treatment methods to the exclusion of conventional medication. These cancer clinics in Germany uses a combination of conventional and alternative methods of treatment to give the patients the best of both worlds. This is about surviving cancer and they have one of the highest success rate of cancer healing in the world.

After two years on GT, I realised that I was not getting anywhere close to a cure and I began to accept ideas that a hybrid approach that are being used by so many successful German clinics could offer another path of cure. And the opportunity came when a reader from Hongkong introduced her doctor from New York to look into my case. And I was introduced to some conventional medication that I did not even know existed. Although they belong to conventional medication, they are also not used in mainstream cancer treatment. And after researching the conventional medication recommended, I was inclined to believe that these medication have potential and indeed offer a hope to me. A late cancer friend of mine has been feeding me with some alternative cancer therapies that she was taking. I checked out all the therapies that she mentioned (and wrote about them in my blog too) and in fact, I took up two of her recommendations. The first was the HIFU treatment and the other was the IV Vitamin C therapy which now I am taking.

In my last post, I painted the view of finding myself in an unfamiliar territory. Never have I thought when I first started alternative treatment, my journey would lead me to what I am doing now. I am totally unfamiliar with the conventional medication that I am taking and also combining them with alternative treatment. How to manage the side effects and healing reactions? I have no idea if such combination will work. But rather than to leave it to faith, I decided to put my believe in the therapies. So far, how many people have taken such an approach? I am sure that there will be some people out there who will not agree to this approach.  I am taking a different view, much like some of the doctors in the German clinics. I do not know what I am doing is right or wrong, worth it or not. But I can tell you, with hindsight, everybody is an expert critic. Some people think that they can understand the mechanics behind the decision making of a cancer patient on treatments. I think that is a fallacy.


  1. Quote Chang:
    But rather than to leave it to faith, I decided to put my believe in the therapie

    faith is belief put into action. You believe in your therapies, therefore you put your faith into it. The danger is putting so much faith into it, that it becomes your religion.

    God is at work in your life whether you like it or not, whether you acknowledge that or not, it does not change the fact that God works in us and through us in many ways. He also meets us halfway, such that a cure for you are all these combinations of different therapies, for some is probably pure faith (as in faith healing), perhaps for my mother is a combination of therapies she is taking, her strong will to live (not just for herself but for others too)....

    My prayer for you Chang is that no matter how long or short your life is, is that you enjoy it to the fullest (without letting go of your health care).. cause to me death comes when we are tied to a bed, and never can enjoy, family, friends and community cause we are tied to a certain protocol or to a pursuit of something unattainable. That as you go in circles, you are actually going in circles closer to the epicenter, where you can see God in the midst,, and not going in circles, to be thrown out into the unknown.

    Keeping you in prayers Chang. you may not call me your friend.. and will remain a stranger till the end---which I think is better cause, you know there are no strings attached, there is nothing to lose,,, only gain,

  2. No one would ever know what would be happening tomorrow. What we can do is to do the best we can, but with hindsight, the best may not be turned out to be the best that we hope for.

    'Life is uncertain, but..... '. I have the book authored by the late Sri Dhamananda, but haven't read it.

    'Karma is at work in our lives whether we like it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, it does not change the fact that Karma works in us and through us in many ways'.

    Sound familiar? If God loves us (even if one doesn't believe in Him), He should not let us suffer. After all, He has the power to do that, right?


  3. Hi Gary,
    Am supposed to target Chang, but since you asked that question .. let me respond to you directly, CHang would be able to read it too anyway..


    1. In the constant support by friends
    2. In the preparation of food
    3. In the financial support

    1. In times of natural disaster
    2. When someone loses a house to fire, tornado, etc.
    3. In times of terminal illness





    more details here:
    In God's love,

  4. about Budhha's belief about Karma, I wont be at all surprised that Buddha would lift verses from the Bible make it his own. In fact Buddha like Christians believe that suffering exists (First Noble Truth-Budhism), and that The Second Truth, on the other hand, seeks to determine the cause of suffering. In Buddhism, desire and ignorance lie at the root of suffering.

    The First and Second Truth according to Budhha is similar to Christian view about suffering and the cause of suffering (desire, ignorance and lies).

    So, I wont be surprised toom if you say Karma or 'good works' is at work in our lives. However, Karma or good works is not the end all. Its not going to end our suffering. It is not enough to buy us salvation. Its like repaying a bad credit card debt (maxed out) by just paying the minimum payment. You know that when your credit card limit is maxed out and you just pay the minimum every month, you will never finish paying up. Specially if you never stop using your credit card. When can we actually stop committing sins/mistakes.. when can we ever repay? only when we humble ourselves and say, I cant pay by my own merits.. Jesus, can you bail me out?

  5. Dear Lanie,

    In my previous comment, I replaced your 'God' with my 'Karma'. Actually, both words can be used interchangeably as I supposed both words are meant for 'good courses'.

    The only different is that 'God' is an 'object', while 'Karma' is not as we can't possibly have good or bad God. That's why you guys have such phrases like 'God is great' and 'Praise the Lord'. Even then, the word 'God' has created troubles amongst the Abrahmic religion followers. Each claims their God is the true one or more powerful than the other God. Don't you think this is ironic? Is it not better for us just to believe in Karma and leave the word 'God' out of our vocabulary?

    But, that's beside the point. You can't just believe and have faith in God without doing good or accumulating your good karma, don't you?

    You are very wrong to say Buddha 'believes' in Karma as he is the one who discovered the 'truths' in 'Law of Karma'. It is we who supposed to believe or not in such truths.

    Also, I think you are ignorant to know that Buddhism was founded earlier than Christianity. How can Buddha lifts some verses from the Bible then?


  6. during Buddha's travels, does it not ever occur to you, that he could have come across a Jew or Christian or Jesus Himself?

    alright, given that Buddha discovered the "truths' in "Law of Karma"... it does not change the fact that sufferings exist and one must pay back in order to bail himself out of a series of sins and mistakes..

    the question then, is can you really bail yourself out?

    If I have more time to spend to respond to you, I could prove to you that Buddhism is a very young religion and that Buddha himself did not even intend it to become a religion.