Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank YOU!!

Hi! We are Chang’s daughter.  First of all we apologize for this message is long overdue.  We must thank all the readers for supporting our daddy’s blog. Your warmhearted comments, wishes and concerns especially during daddy’s last days, really touched our hearts. 

When our dad posted last entry on 16th August 2012, many readers had requested us to update the blog so that they can keep tab on dad’s condition.  We needed to spend time with dad and we felt that we are not up to the task. Thank you to Chang’s friend for updating the blog on his behalf.

53 years ago in the year of 1959, our father Mr. Chang Chee Teck whom you all referred to as Chang was born into this world. Some of the readers known him ever since he was a child, some might knew him for maybe, half of his life. There are also some, who just knew him through this blog.
Today, 12th of October is Dad’s 53rd birthday. He has lived through more than half a century and was blessed with many friends. We know that many would miss him as we miss him too. This day, we will remember him, he who fought cancer with all his strength. Even though he did not live until this day, but today is the day our dad was born. We are grateful for he was born, we will always remember and miss him.

Hence, we would like to say thank you again, the readers for reading the blog and also the comments and support. Thank you friends, for being there for him: for when he was healthy and for when he was sick. Thank you Chang's friend for helping dad and write when he couldn't. Chang says that the blog will not be closed (however there will not be any further update), so that people can still view the blog for its information and research done by Chang. This is most probably the final entry for this blog.

Lastly, we would like to say thank you, dad.  We will always love you.

(updated by Chang's daughters)


  1. All of you are very lucky to have such a loving, understanding and courageous father. I only "knew" your father through this blog, but his tenacity and courage have earned him great respect from all of us, readers. I will always remember him, and if ever I faced any problem in my life, he will be my "invisible and invincible" guide,giving me courage as shown by him, to face any adversity.

    I wish all of you success in life and I am sure your father will be proud of you all.

    Good-bye and take care.

  2. You are blessed to be raised by a great man. stay blessed and keep your father's memory alive, by staying healthy yourself...


  3. Thanks to you too.


  4. Dear Chang's Daughter,

    I never knew your father.
    I had just been a silent reader of his blog.
    As a father myself, now I understood why Chang was so strong. You were his strength. He so much love you all that he never gave up.

    Be strong for he is always with you.
    His blood flows through your veins.
    Whenever you miss him, just close your eyes and recall your happy memories together and you will feel his love in your heart.
    Take good care of your mother and your grandmother.
    Comfort them always and as you will find comfort from them too.

    Your father may have lost to cancer but he had WON the battle of LIFE. His blog is very informative and touched lives more than you ever know.

    Your father is truly remarkable and blessed.
    He's one of the most courageous man I've ever know.
    Seldom we see qualities like him.
    Make him proud...

    Take care and God bless!


  5. I have been one of those silent readers who have followed your dad's journey. I am grateful for him and wish all of you the best for he has left a legacy for all of us to ponder upon. Take care and God Bless.


  6. Hi Chang's daughters,

    On the Saturday morning a few days before the passing of your dad, I came back from Singapore to see your dad knowing the days is near. That was the last I saw your dad. I am sorry that I could not make it for the wake.

    I have known your dad >10 years ago in Aetna Insurance when we were working on the Y2K project. I was the one who got him his last job as Project Manager in a Bank. Before he joined the bank, we often have breakfast in a food stall near the car park.

    When he told me that he had a stage 4 cancer, I took him to a fortune teller who told him that from his life chart, he is NOT a person with short life. But unfortunately, he proves the fortune teller wrong.

    Before he passed away, we went to Betong, and I wanted to sponsor his trip to ChiangMai. My engagement in Singapore had prevented me from making this trip possible. I learned a hard lesson that we should not wait for tomorrow. Now I will be back in KL but my good friend is not around anymore.

    Your dad is a very good gentleman whom all would want to have as a friend. It is quite hard to find a friend like him. May he find peace and a blessed rebirth for his good deeds in this life.

    By the way, I guess you may need to post once a while to keep the blogs from being archived. Please find out the rules to keep the blog ALIVE.

    Best regards,

  7. Chang's daughters,

    Uncle Kok Piew came over to see yr daddy, just then you all came back with eye block, after putting on Chang said it was fine.He sounded very thankful. May be he truly needed iy cos he closed his eyes most of the half an hour I was with him.

    It was then I chatted with the elder of the two of you, sorry, I didn't ask for your name, when asked what is that in animation industry that you liked. Honestly your answers impressed me.

    In this post I wish you every success in your career and also your dream to travel overseas.

    Of course I also wish your mum and yr sis all the best, and enjoy each other's company much more now that dad's gone,

    rgds take care

    Uncle kokpiew

  8. Hi,

    Best wishes to you and your family !

    This blog will be a legacy from your father to those who are in need of alternative cancer treatment.



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  14. Hi Chang's Daughter,

    I have known your dad during his time in Tahan Insurance as the CFO of the company. He always encourage me to learn new thing and keep a balance life betweek work and personal life.

    I admire him for his smile and kindness.

    But... I havent contacted him since last June 13. And today he crossed by my mind and i quickly open this blog to see the update.

    I feel so sad knowing that he have left us forever.

    Anyway, may he rest in peace and God bless him always.

    You take care.